Information Sciences in Imaging 2012 Seminar Series: February


G-DOC®: A Systems Medicine Platform for Personalized Oncology


The Georgetown Database of Cancer (G-DOC) is a generic and flexible web-based platform that serves to enable basic, translational, and clinical research activities by integrating patient characteristics and clinical outcome data with a variety of high throughput research data in a unified environment. Its infrastructure is currently available at 

Through this modular, extensible, and flexible infrastructure, we can quickly and easily assemble new translational web applications with both analytic and generic administrative features. New analytic functionalities specific to the needs of a particular disease community can be easily added within this modular architecture. This generalizable approach to disease-centric functionality is designed specifically to permit the rapid and cost-effective generation of new cancer data portals to satisfy the varied needs of the scientific community. 

Through G-DOC, we hope to help enable the widespread use of biomedical informatics tools by basic, clinical, and translational researchers by providing powerful analytic tools and capabilities within easy-to-use interfaces, customized to the needs of each research community.