Information Sciences in Imaging 2012 Seminar Series: January


Really Smart PACS: The Next Generation


The next generation of PACS and radiology information systems offers the potential to leap past our initial assumptions and constraints to deliver a more interactive, intelligent, connected, secure and flexible solution that more closely emulates and takes advantage of developments in computer technology that have occurred during the past twenty years. These improvements include intelligent and more inclusive archival, communication systems that close and reclose the loop on imaging findings, decoupling of systems from their previous physical constraints, improved security, and finally a new era of interactive, smart, and intuitive interfaces that provide meaningful clinical information and decision support. The presentation will include a discussion of artificial intelligence technology such as “Dr. Watson” and the artificial radiology “fellow”.

The presentation will provide a high level overview of what is unique about the Deep Q/A software and how it differs from other artificial intelligence applications that have been introduced over the past 40 years. Initial work in the application of the software in the medical domain will be discussed as well as potential early applications of the technology in healthcare and subsequent iterations that combine the Deep Q/A software with other software developed by IBM.

One of the biggest challenges will be to create an interactive interface that is incorporated into rather than being disruptive of the workflow of physicians and one that can be personalized to the providers. Specific applications in “chart review”, g guideline and safety review, decision support for diagnosis and treatment, and real time patient/physician interaction will be discussed. Finally, potential futuristic applications of the technology and how they may influence training, patient care, and the overall practice of medicine will be presented.